5 Tips on How to Choose A Wedding Photographer

May 18, 2023




You’ve carefully selected your guest list, chosen the perfect venue, hired the necessary vendors to move your day along; but who will you entrust to capture all the moments that follow? When the music ends, the cake is gone and the guests have left, all that remains are the beautiful memories that took place— and the hope that your photographer captured them all for you to keep. In this blog, I’ll share 5 Tips on How to Choose A Wedding Photographer— one who matches your style and meets your expectations, so those moments that only happen once can endure a lifetime.

I’ll also shed some light on those picture-perfect weddings you see on certain photographers’ Instagram pages— sometimes promotional photos are, well, just that. 

1. Evaluate Professionalism

Professionalism is key. Look for a photographer who demonstrates professionalism in their communication, appearance and overall approach to their work. They should be confident about you as a client and excited to work out the details. Pay attention to the way they respond to your questions and concerns? A professional photographer will have a detailed contract, transparent pricing and a dedicated plan for providing you with exceptional service.

2. Consider Experience and Expertise

A photographer’s experience allows them to make quick, confident decisions when plans change (is that a raincloud?) or make the most of a tricky situation (the flower girl is staging a mid-aisle protest and Fido swallowed the rings). This isn’t their first rodeo, and they’re prepared to make sure these memories of yours are worth looking back on! Collected, composed, and armed with a bag of fail-safe tricks, photographers with a proven track record can help provide peace of mind.

3. Determine Photographic Style

Every photographer has a unique style that sets them apart. Be sure the photographer you’re considering has a portfolio and website that expresses the style and technique you’re looking for. Take a look at how their couples look, what experiences they focus on capturing, and how they edit their photos.

Some photographers specialize in traditional, posed shots, while others prefer capturing more candid, spontaneous moments. A few talented photographers manage to excel in both— finding a few perfect poses and being sure to capture that look as the groom turns to see his bride for the first time. Choose a photographer whose style resonates with your and matches your vision for your wedding. Trendy filters and photo fads lighting up social feeds today may seem tacky and cliche tomorrow. Your marriage is timeless, so consider a photographer whose editing style is true-to-life for your wedding day.

4. Assess the Range of Services and Products Offered

You’ll want your photographer to be much more than just another wedding vendor on your big day. Capturing the memories you want to keep in the style you’ve always dreamed of requires planning and commitment. Your photographer should be there to help you every step of the way. They should work in tandem with your planner: making sure to understand exactly what you want and working strategically to make sure your expectations are met (and reasonable). 

After your wedding day, your photographer will help you design your wedding album so your memories are present in a tangible way, and not just stored in a cloud or lost on a hard drive somewhere. 

5 Tips on How to Choose A Wedding Photographer

5. Seek Recommendations and Read Reviews

Word-of-mouth recommendations and online reviews are valuable resources. Ask your friends, family, and even your other vendors for their recommendations. Check out reviews on Google, Wedding Wire, etc. Read testimonials from previous clients and find out what it was that they loved so much about their experiences. Positive and negative feedback can give you a comprehensive idea of a photographer’s strengths and weaknesses, and help you avoid missing any red flags.

Insider’s Tip: Pay close attention to any negative feedback and decide whether or not it’s genuine. Most unsatisfied couples refrain from leaving feedback altogether, so when you see negative feedback don’t skip over it. Read carefully, explore reviews across all platforms, and assess consistency in both positive and negative feedback. Be careful of photographers who have some consistency with negative feedback. If you’re interested in booking them, ask about those negative remarks to give them a chance to clarify.

5 Tips on How to Choose A Wedding Photographer

Choosing the perfect photographer means selecting the person you will trust with precious memories that only happen once— some in the blink of a tear-filled eye, others in the awed intake of a breath or chorus of cheerful applause. This decision requires careful consideration and research to ensure you find the person to not only captures stunning images for you, but also understands what memories matter to you most.

So take the time to evaluate professionalism, experience, style and the range of services and products offered to find the ideal photographer for your wedding day. 

Psst… Are these real wedding photos?!

Step into the fascinating world of styled shoots, where photographers and vendors unite for a creative frenzy! It’s like a jam session for wedding industry pros, a chance for them to team up with florists, venues, and boutiques in a curated setting. Picture perfect models, impeccable decor, and dreamy lighting coming together to create stunning portfolio-worthy shots and boost vendor visibility.

But here’s the twist: for prospective clients dreaming of picture-perfect weddings, styled shoots can be a bit misleading. Remember the chaos of real weddings with unpredictable elements like ring-stealing pets and flower girl mishaps? Unlike the controlled environment of styled shoots, actual weddings are wild and wonderful.

To ensure you’re not misled, dive into those picture-perfect wedding photos. Did the “wedding” really happen that day, or was it all staged? Better yet, ask the photographer for samples from real weddings they’ve captured to get a true sense of their expertise.

5 Tips on How to Choose A Wedding Photographer

I once dipped my toes into a small-scale styled shoot once! A close friend of mine regretted her choice of photographer after seeing her wedding photos. So, we joined forces with a florist and wedding dress designer for a personal photo session, creating gorgeous memories for her and her husband. Take a peek below! 🙂

I hope these 5 Tips on How to Choose A Wedding Photographer helped you on your journey!



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