Best North Georgia Engagement Photographer | Garrard Landing Park

April 7, 2022


Engagement Sessions


Best North Georgia Engagement Photographer

What does it take to create an amazing engagement session at Gerrard Landing Park in Roswell, Georgia? Maybe you need the best north Georgia engagement photographer, the perfect clients… or perhaps the natural beauty of the location itself? (these two managed at least two of the three). Not to mention the perfect time of day, giving us the space we needed to make memories in all of the available scenery. Truthfully, I believe it all comes down to the clients, and I hit the jackpot with Ana and Tyrone!

One of my previous brides, Kacey, has a fabulous hair and makeup artist—her talented sister, Taylor—who was gracious enough to introduce Ana and Tyrone to me. I knew from the moment Taylor sent me this beautiful couple that their connection would be AMAZING. And it is! After twelve years of commitment, they are finally ready to tie the knot, but they could fool anyone into thinking they’re newlyweds with the way they gaze at each other.  Always holding hands, always touching, absolutely wrapped up in their world with each other. All the makings of a romantic love story.

Wine, Whimsy, and Wedding Plans

We met at Marlow’s Tavern, where we whiled away an hour (or three) talking about everything from Ana’s interest in photography to the wedding itself. West Milford Farm will be the PERFECT venue for this dynamic couple, and I’m SO psyched! Their two boys (3 and 4 years old) are also excited about the upcoming nuptials. Ana regaled me with stories of her groom-to-be and their sweet kids, telling me just how much she loves watching them from a distance and seeing Tyrone’s face light up while he connects with them. Celebrating these lovebirds and their beautiful family will be a joy, and I’m blessed to capture these moments with them!

Stunning Scenery and Southern Charm

When we finally peeled ourselves away from our conversation, I was able to capture some of the most STUNNING moments with Ana and Tyrone. The trees at Gerrard Landing Park weren’t quite ready to bloom, but who needs blooms when you have a gorgeous bride-to-be in a flowing champagne dress? (Ana chose this dress from my “client closet” for those who wish to blossom in their own dazzling portraits)! The weather was just right after days and days of rain, creating the perfect ambiance for everyone to relax and enjoy the experience.

 And what CHIVALRY! I can’t say enough about Tyrone’s attentiveness to his future bride. Always taking her hand, watching for obstacles in her path, and even breaking up bits of tall grass– a true southern gentleman. Capturing special moments with Ana and Tyrone was effortless. I can’t say enough about this incredible duo. I’ll just have to let these photos do the talking until their wedding day!



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