Cator Woolford Gardens Atlanta Photographer

June 15, 2020


Cator Woolford Gardens


June 15, 2020

Location / Venue

Atlanta Engagement Session

Cator Woolford Gardens Atlanta Photographer | Atlanta Wedding Photographer & Atlanta Engagement Photographer | Rocheal Photography

Cator Woolford Gardens Atlanta Photographer

These two were the COOLEST to photograph.

I don’t know if you know this about photographers, but every single one of us (at least the thousands I’ve come across in all our fun little networks online and in person) gets anxious about posing people. It’s just one of those things that takes soooooo much time to become ‘natural’ and ‘second nature’…

And just when we think we’re getting a really solid hang of it, a couple comes with a completely different personality than what we’re used to shows up and gives us an opportunity to learn where our areas of improvement are. (Which is super helpful!)

Atlanta Engagement- Cator Woolford Gardens

This is one of the reasons *I*, and all the other crazies out there who do this for a living, diligently work to make sure the couples who hire us are truly a great fit. After all, the posing experience should be FUN for everyone. (Not forced or unnatural.)

It’s important you VIBE with your photographer!!

Insert: Daniel and Rose. They’re self-proclaimed “awkward”. I mean, pretty much everyone feels awkward in front of the camera, but these two claimed to just be >>generally<< awkward.

Could have FOOLED me!!

I initially felt so nervous going into their session with this in mind, but I quickly went from, ‘Hmm. This might be tricky…’

to WOWzers!!!! These two are a BLAST!!!!

Atlanta Engagement Photographer

Cator Woolford Gardens Atlanta Photographer

We initially planned their e-session at Cator Woolford Gardens, but COVID happened and so we had to cancel/reschedule. By the time their session date rolled around again I’d had more time to get to know them and so I threw a crazy idea at them.

>>Let me preface this by explaining that when I initially went into photography, my goal was to become really skilled at creative “off camera flash” shots. (spoiler alert: that hasn’t happened!) So my husband and business partner, Will is currently pushing me to stretch my comfort zone and learn it.
His idea for these two when we were talking about them:

Let’s have a 1950s era styled engagement session with off camera flash and dramatic images at a train museum.

Rose was so excited and we tried hard to make it happen, but the museum wasn’t open in time and their wedding is right around the corner, sooooooo

Back to Cator Woolford Gardens. But Wow.

It’s GORGEOUS there!!! Although we didn’t have crazy dramatic images with super cool trains, we did have a stunning background.

Natural Light Engagement Session

Atlanta Engagement Photographer

When we first got to the park, the weather was glorious, so we hiked together in the woods just talking and getting to know each other (since virtually every coffee shop is closed in Atlanta)… Well, shortly after our hike it started POURING, and so we started their session running to the tent on Cator Woolford Garden’s lawn, taking cover while it stormed all around us.

Rainy Day Engagement Session

Since Daniel and Rose drove so far, we didn’t really have an opportunity to reschedule on the fly when thunderstorms were in the forecast. These two were SO sweet about it.

“What’s the worst that happens??” Rose asks, “We don’t get to take our pictures?? That’s okay! We’re just really excited to meet you!”

(How is this possible?! Why do I get the best couples??
Insert all the feelings!!)

These two are so happy, and Rose’s eyes light up every time Daniel looks at her. Although I forgot my flash trigger, slipped and fell into the mud, and even showed up an HOUR EARLY to their session (what was wrong with my brain that day?!) they laughed the ENTIRE time. Probably at me…🤔😂

Good thing these two were incredible, because their pictures came out AMAZING. I hope you enjoyed their story as much as we enjoyed their session.

Until next time,
Rocheal 🙂

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