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Engagement Photographer near Atlanta

Tribble Mill Park Engagement Pictures

One of my favorite things about being an engagement photographer near Atlanta is the variety of scenery we have right in our hometown. Want the Atlanta Skyline in your background? K, head 20 minutes toward the city. Prefer a little less city and a little more country? Sweet! Head 20 minutes away from the city. (or even inside the city, y’all!)

Engagement Photographer Near Atlanta

Chanel and Freddie here are the coolest kids of the cool kids club. Chanel works at Children’s as a Cardiac Pediatric Nurse and Freddie is the owner and founder of @frhart2enterprises , which is an advertising and marketing agency for businesses who are looking for commercial videos and/or success in marketing.

What blows my mind, is how these two heard about me!! So, way back in 2010 I was working as a waitress to put myself through college. For some extra income I started doing pet/house sitting on the side and that’s when I met Lisa. Lisa lives like 3 minutes from my house, and so when I quit petsitting, I’d still be there for her when she needed someone.

Long story short, 10 years later, I still visit Lisa’s house every once in a blue moon to help with her sweet kitties.

Lisa’s niece is Chanel.

Aaaaaand Chanel also works with Sarah! (so cool!!)

Anyway– we met down at Tribble Mill Park, which is one of my favorite places for engagement sessions and these two hit it out of the park. We had SO much fun at the beginning of the session– going to different places they saw that they liked, coupled with my obsession in the field… In no time we were in a race against sunset trying to make it to the river.

Thank goodness these two are athletic, and my dream clients are up for adventure, because I’ll be straight with you: at one point during this session we jogged to catch the light.

But we made it. And it was worth it.

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