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October 11, 2022


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One of the most challenging decisions you’ll likely face when planning your wedding is selecting a photographer. Understanding how to discover How to Find The Best Wedding Photographer for YOU can significantly reduce stress. Rather than frantically searching on Google and feeling unsure about where to look and what steps to take, let this guide be your roadmap.

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Consider Your Venue When You’re Figuring Out How to Find The Best Wedding Photographer

Does your venue boast large windows and abundant natural light, or does it lean towards darker settings? It’s crucial to recognize that each photographer is unique, with varying skill levels and expertise. Some may struggle to handle brighter venues effectively, while others may lack proficiency in using flash or setting up photos for flash photography altogether. As you browse through portfolios, prioritize photographers who showcase multiple photos in settings similar to what your venue provides, demonstrating their expertise in handling diverse lighting conditions.

Remember the most important piece: when everything is said and done, you’ll always be left with your photos. This is an important investment that will forever tell your story in your Wedding Album.

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Consider Your Vibe

👉 Do you want your wedding photographer to have a completely hands-off approach, capturing everything from afar and only focusing on candids?

👉 Do you prefer everything to be hands-on, posed, predictable, and technically done well?

If you’re like me, you prefer something in between.

None of my couples are professional models and often feel a bit uneasy when it comes to having their photos taken – but they really want to look and feel natural in their photos. (What a challenge!) As you evaluate photographers, envision yourself in their photos. Do the brides appear relaxed and natural? Is there a balance of posed and candid shots? Can you identify the photographer’s knack for capturing genuine and meaningful moments?

How to Find The Best Wedding Photographer

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Consider Your Photographer’s Style

Editing Style: For a wedding, I recommend staying away from filters that might date your photos in 30 years. Aim for a true-to-life look. I genuinely love edits that have a joyful feel to them.

Photography Style & Skills: In the world of photography, there are two styles: Natural Light & Flash. Photographers tend to lean toward one or the other.

Let me share some natural light shots:

And some flash shots:

👉 Lastly, do you want your wedding photos to be all natural light, all flash, or a mixture of the two? (I personally prefer a mixture, with most being natural light.)

1 or 2 full wedding galleries can help you understand what to expect when you’ve narrowed your selection of photographers.

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Consider What’s Important to You

Are you looking for a photographer who simply provides digital images, or do you value having your wedding preserved in a tangible album? Do you prefer a standard album or something more durable that can withstand the test of time and be cherished for years as your family revisits and relive your wedding day? (Passing down a wedding album to my grandchildren, for them to flip through, holds immense significance for me.)

Some of my favorite album spreads…

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Narrow Down Your Short List & Set Up A Meeting

Meeting with the photographer allows you to gauge their personality and assess their willingness to assist, address your questions, and provide support.

  • Questions to ask during your meeting:
    • Can I see a sample gallery?
    • Can I see some wedding albums? Who is your album lab, and why do you use them?
    • Who will be taking my photos? (There is a local photographer in my area who actually photographs the beginning of the day, and hires someone else to photograph the rest.)
    • Is there a backup?
      • Equipment? Like, what if a camera breaks? Lens? What if a memory card fails?
      • Person? Like, what if you’re ill and cannot come to my wedding?
    • How many weddings do you photograph per year? Why?
    • Do you have a process to help me plan my timeline so I can get the enjoy the moments and get the shots I want? If so, what’s the process?
    • Can I give you a list of shot ideas? Do you *prefer* to have a list?
    • Should we have an engagement session?
    • Are there travel costs?
    • How will you deliver our photos to us? Do you also offer prints and albums? Can we print on our own, or do we have to order prints through you?
    • What kind of editing and retouching is included?
    • What is your theory when it comes to editing and retouching?
    • Can we customize a package with you?
    • How long will it take before we get our photos from our wedding? How will we get our photos?
    • How do we book with you, and what is the payment plan like?

In Conclusion

When searching for the best wedding photographer, it’s crucial to consider various factors to ensure you find the perfect match for your special day. Start by assessing your venue’s lighting conditions and understanding each photographer’s unique style and skill set. Whether you prefer a hands-off approach focusing on candid shots, or a more posed and technically precise style, finding a balance that suits your preferences is key.

Consider the editing style as well, aiming for timeless and true-to-life edits that will stand the test of time. Evaluate photographers based on their photography style, whether they specialize in natural light, flash, or a combination of both. Request to see full galleries of past weddings to get a realistic understanding of what to expect.

Additionally, think about how you want your wedding memories preserved. Decide if you prefer digital images only or value having a tangible wedding album that can be cherished for generations to come. Investing in a quality album that tells your unique love story can hold immense significance for you and your family in the years ahead.

Until next time, friends, I’ll leave you with some of my favorite memories. 🙂

How to find the best wedding photographer for creativity

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How to find the best wedding photographer to work with your shot requests

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