Indian Wedding in Atlanta, Georgia

December 2, 2021




Indian Wedding Photographer near Atlanta, Georgia

Ho-Ly-Cow. This Indian wedding in Altanta, Georgia was *the* most gorgeous, most unique, and most epic wedding I have ever seen.

You guys… This wedding had everything from a custom-made Harry Potter wedding gown (and a Forbidden Forest reception) to shoe theft auctions and a hand-made ceremony stage, courtesy of Loren’s mom. Akshada and Corey’s wedding was incredible. My mind is blown.

Back in May, I photographed Loren’s wedding, and once upon a time, these girls were in scouts together. (see above!) This sweet gaggle of girls has stuck together through the thick and thin of life, and man have they been through it together. I’d never photographed (or even attended) an Indian Wedding before Akshada’s, and so I was a bit nervous coming into her wedding day!

Mehndi Party | Pre-Wedding Celebration

(P.S. It was SO AWESOME; the day before her wedding, Akshada and Corey had a Mehndi Party. I got to see her parents again, meet her extended family and Corey’s family, and best-of-all: the Girl Scouts gals!!) So fun.

Getting Ready | Wedding Day

Family takes a lot of responsibility in the planning and execution of the Indian wedding and it is no simple task. So women from all over the United States flew in to help.
With so many people, tiny details, and keystone rituals, the planning of an Indian wedding takes dedication, attention to detail, and love. Their friends and families worked together to pull off an incredible celebration.

On the wedding day, we first met at Akshada’s parents’ home in Kennesaw where her family was bustling around and getting ready for the big day ahead of them.

The bride and groom were both stunning.

Later, Corey headed to the Temple for his Baraat while Akshada worked on her finishing touches. A Milni happens after the Baraat, which is how the bride’s family welcomes the groom. Finally, the bride and groom are hoisted up into yet another lively celebration, where they exchange garlands and prepare for their ceremony.

Baraat Ceremony & Jaimala

Indian Wedding Ceremony

Joota Chupai

So, you have to take off your shoes before entering the Mandap. (everyone has to.) And this is when the groom’s shoes are taken for ransom by the bride’s family… And since the groom *must* leave in the same shoes he came, there’s no way around this. Corey paid a lot of money to Akshada’s sisters for his shoes back! 😂

It sounds funny, and it is, but the meaning behind it is significant because the ransom at the end of it all is the groom’s way of signifying that he accepts her sisters into his family and will take care of them. It’s all about laughter, fun, and a lifetime of commitment.

Indian Wedding Photographer near Atlanta, Georgia

Bride and Groom Portraits | Before the Reception

The Forbidden Forest at Glover Park Brewery

Question: Are Akshada and I the only *completely* obsessed Harry Potter fans?? When I stepped into this reception hall, Akshada’s mom’s intentions slowly came into focus for me. The thoughtful planning that went on behind the scenes here overwhelmed me. Glover Park Brewery was turned into something like the Forbidden Forest, and there was a clear tribute to the elusive White Doe Patronus. The very Patronus that signifies a lifelong affection… Gah. This hit me in the feels!!! (P.S. Akshada, thank you for not spoiling the white doe thing for me!! Can I apologize for asking you?! I feel bad now!🥺😂)

Indian Wedding | Atlanta, Georgia

Akshada, Corey, and their family: thank you so much for hiring me. I enjoyed this opportunity because serving you, getting to know you, and celebrating with you was an honor – and completely life-changing. Please keep in touch, dear friends.


Indian Wedding Photographer near Atlanta

Mehndi Party Vendors:

Venue: Country Palms
Makeup: IG @nitikamua
Hair: IG @shantanuagr89
Henna: IG @beautyyoudeserve
Day of Coordinator: Shanti
Videographers: The Compass Films

Wedding Vendors:

Ceremony Venue: Sanatan Mandir
Reception Venue: Glover Park Brewery
Custom Harry Potter Dress Designer: Surinder Bedi
Caterers: Sanoya BAPS, Kebab Hut, Smitty’s Lockdown BBQ
Decor & Florals at Reception: Family’s vision executed by: Family friends: Erin McDavis, Jeanenne Adams, Dixita Patel, and Professional Decorator Hillary Cecil at Foxglove Marietta
Makeup: IG @nitikamua
Hair: IG @shantanuagr89
Day of Coordinator: Shanti
Videographers: The Compass Films
Cake & Desserts: Reshma Patel & Akshada (the bride)

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