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September 24, 2020




Happy birthday, Trinity!! From your favorite Loganville Family Photographer who is entirely obsessed with your pictures.

I remember buying my first professional camera, quitting my full-time teaching job, and instantly wondering if I should regret it. Because it seemed. so. DAUNTING! And overwhelming. I had so many hopes and dreams and wishes — and all those really manifested into fears because I had NO idea how to get there.

And then came Erin and Jordan. The very first couple — who paid me — to shoot their engagement session and wedding!! I was so nervous that I fumbled and even broke a piece of equipment. 😅🙈 (Thanks for reminding me, Jordan!!)

(I mean, to be honest, I still have a LOT of nerves and break things. And fall into fountains. And trip…)

I remember most from their wedding, the amount of FUN we all had. Their family and friends are incredible, and I still make some sort of connection with them pretty much daily! I also remember their DJ being the best! He dropped the beat and threw a dance party like you wouldn’t believe.

Also– remember Erin’s Maid of Honor, Sarah? The one who caught the bouquet?? She and her then boyfriend, Josh, were later engaged and married! (And I got to be there for all of it!!! I’m not crying, you’re crying.)

Loganville Family Photographer

Loganville Photographer

THIS is what I live for. These are the sessions I’ve always dreamt of. Engagement, wedding, friends’ weddings, Cake Smashes… Following my clients’ (who become friends!!!) life stories. BEST, y’all!!

Not to mention, my 13 year old got to come with me as an assistant for Trinity’s Cake Smash, and I still can’t get over the fact that this is literally how I make a living.
I snuggle babies, play with friends, bring my kid to work, and capture smiles of the people I love so so so much. Every session isn’t perfect, but some sessions are. And this was one of them. And man… I just want to sit here, in this feeling, forever. 😭🙏🏼

Trinity is the happiest baby… She was so chill while we changed her into a thousand outfits and stuck things on top of her head. She didn’t complain ONCE– except when Jordan took her cake away at the end of the session… You can tell her mommy and daddy are raising her in a calm and happy home. What a blessing to this world she will be!!

(It’s like the happy babies all come to me!!!)

😂 She crawls SO FAST!!

It was an honor to capture these moments. Erin and Jordan– thank you both so much for continuing to bless me with the opportunity to document your precious moments. I love you three!! (And those little boys of yours, too!!!)


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