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Montaluce Winery Wedding Photographer

Montaluce Winery Engagement Session | Montaluce Winery Wedding Photographer | May 1, 2021

Oh my goodness!! If you haven’t been to Montaluce, you *need* to visit! This place is gorgeous, the people there are friendly, and so a date night there is a must. (Fun fact: it’s pronounced mont-ah-LOO-chay!)

I’ve been wanting to shoot at Montaluce Winery for so long now, and once I got to know more about Jessica and John, I knew (even though these don’t don’t drink wine!) that this was the place for their Engagement Session.

Montaluce Winery Engagement Session

Like most folks today, these two met online. It’s funny; sometimes people seem slightly embarrassed about meeting online. Before I was a wedding photographer, I got it– right? Doesn’t everyone want to have that romantic ‘oh, we saw each other across a room and it was love at first sight’.. blah blah

But if you think about it: when you meet online you ARE seeing each other across a room. An even bigger room, full of so many more people. And there’s no rush in meeting eyes and getting to know each other.

You get to take your time.

…See what you really like about this person before jumping in.

Montaluce Winery Wedding Photographer

I first met Jessica and John through a dear wedding photographer friend of mine who was booked, so she sent them to me. Am I selfish to say that I am so insanely glad I got these two (instead of my friend)?? These two are precious to me.

We first started their engagement session in a little field just below Montaluce Winery’s restaurant. It was an overcast day (LOL- I canNOT seem to catch these two on a sunny day!), which made the light perfect for jumping down into the trees.

One of my favorite moments as a wedding photographer is ‘clicking’ with my couples at their engagement session because *that’s* when I *know* the rest of their session is going to be a BLAST and also that their wedding is going to be a breeze. (How many people can say their wedding was a breeze?!)

But when I click with my couples like I clicked with these two, I know their wedding will be a breeze. And I cannot wait.

Montaluce Winery Engagement Pictures

Something I love about these two is how open they are. They’re reserved, and connect so effortlessly with each other, but they also had fun during their session. We shared jokes, and even some political and personal beliefs — it was like we’d been friends forever.

Anyway… I’m so excited for these two and I cannot *Wait* to be alongside them, capturing their love story, as they continue walking in the path God has planted them.

Thank you so much, Jessica and John, both for being my test subjects at my first Montaluce Winery Engagement Session, and also for being *so* amazing throughout the pandemic and beyond. I’m so excited to know you two.


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