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Rainy Engagement Session Just Outside Atlanta

We went through so much to make this rainy engagement session just outside Atlanta work. Christine ran into scheduling issues with surgery and her job. I ran into scheduling issues because my calendar is booked… Then I ran into scheduling issues because there was a possibility I had to be at the courthouse on the day of our session; we even had to make a backup plan just in case.

THEN, after all that, what happens?! It POURS! (Which doesn’t have to ruin your wedding day, by the way!)

Luckily we got some sprinkles at the beginning of their session before it poured on us.

I was *so* worried these two would NOT be happy, but BOY was I wrong!! This could literally not have gone any better. Can I be glad it rained?!

(Why didn’t we reschedule, you ask? Because Monday was *the* only day we could do their session, and they were flying in from out of state!)

Get ready to be obsessed.

Rainy Engagement Session Just Outside Atlanta

Rainy Engagement Session Just Outside Atlanta

After we left Montaluce Winery, we headed to Dave and Buster’s for some (delicious) food and fun!! Christine and I truly had a blast together, getting to know each other in the funnest of ways 😂. I think the most fun of all was hanging with my 14 year old after the session and beating him in almost every arcade game.

It truly was an epic night.

(Ooohhhhh my gosh. P.S. This type of thing was wayyyy outside my comfort zone, by the way!! If any photographers are reading this, and have experience with off camera flash, you feel me!! It’s not my forte, but I’m kind of proud of these!! We nonetheless had a BLAST.)

Thank you for choosing me as your photographer, you guys!!! I cannot wait for your wedding at the Georgia Aquarium next spring!


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