CeNita Vineyards Wedding

June 22, 2021




A Rainy Wedding at CeNita Vineyards on June 19, 2021

Look at this amazing bride and groom!!! Meet Melissa and Greg. Tropical depressions and pandemics are no bother to these two; they spent the ENTIRE day dancing in the rain, and their family and friends were thrilled to be celebrating alongside them.

Getting Ready at CeNita Vineyards

When I first arrived at CeNita Vineyards, I was blown away by the beautiful vineyards and welcoming team of people. The hustle and bustle didn’t stop the fantastic folks from introducing me to the crew and showing me around. I love this venue!! Melissa and Greg had some of the most beautiful and sentimental pieces to their wedding.

Meanwhile, the ladies upstairs were doing final touch ups to their hair and makeup. Being a mama myself, I was so happy to finally meet Melissa’s and Greg’s moms. Get this! Melissa’s parents’ names are Debbie and Greg and the groom’s mom’s name is Debbie– and did you catch it? The groom’s name is Greg! Crazy!

Anyway- we had a lot of fun in this gorgeous countryside before the rain came in.

Bridal Reveals at CeNita Vineyards

Like most of my brides, Melissa wanted to have a private moment with just mom helping her into her gown. Since wedding days fly so quickly, this is a really sweet time for a bride to slow down and connect.

It’s also a lot of fun for the bridesmaids, because they all get to snuggle together and be the first people of the day to see the bride in her gown!!

After the ladies fussed over Melissa’s gorgeous gown, we headed downstairs for the most precious Bridal Reveal with the bride’s daddy.

Tears were shed by us all.

While I was walking her daddy to where he was going to see her for the first time in her wedding dress, I could feel his emotions right through his hands. His eyes were bright; full of anticipation, and he rejoiced in knowing that his daughter had found the love of her life. I could sense the peace he felt to be at her wedding day, and it was awe-inspiring.

To have the wash of his emotions in this moment forever captured during this moment is a blessing.

Bride and Groom – First Look at CeNita Vineyards

Just before the rain came in, Melissa and Greg met down in the vineyards for a private moment together. Most of my couples look forward to their First Look just as much as they look forward to their ceremony (if not more!) because it’s a gentle way to slow down and enjoy what is otherwise a very fast-paced day.

Their engagement session inspired me to study their connection, and as crazy as it sounds, I looked back through those pictures on the morning of their wedding day to remind myself of how they embrace each other… (And I’m so happy I did. I walked into their day with so much excitement to work with these two again; I’m forever going to spend the morning of wedding days drinking up the fun we had at their engagement session!!)

The Bridesmaids & The Groomsmen at A CeNita Vineyards Wedding

Although I love me some large wedding parties, it sure was a breath of fresh air to only have a handful of friends to play with. Since this was when the rain starting coming in, we were happy to have just a handful of besties. 🙂

(Although– don’t mistake: Melissa was DOWN to play in the rain, and she made sure her friends were too!! 😍😅)

A Wedding Ceremony at CeNita Vineyards

Mid day, on June 19th in the hot Georgia summer, outdoor ceremonies are tricky because it’s usually sweltering.

But not today! It. Felt. GLORIOUS! There was just enough of a sprinkle to need umbrellas, and just enough wind to feel refreshed.

Bride and Groom Portraits in the rain

Wedding Reception

If I could sum up Melissa and Greg’s wedding in one word, it would be: gentle. Getting to know these two made their timeline so easy to create… It was precious to watch these two take the time to slow down and hold each other in between the swift moments of their wedding day. They spent quiet little moments together, taking in the magic of their day… My heart is just swelling with excitement for them.

Congratulations Melissa and Greg.

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