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Should I Hire A Wedding Planner?

This is an age old question, and reminds me a lot about hiring a real estate agent. Do you need one? I guess not. But let’s talk about the legal representation and experience they bring which all really leads to cost-savings… I’m here to answer your biggest question: Should I Hire A Wedding Planner?

Who is DIY wedding planning for?

  • If you’ve booked a venue package that includes most of your wedding services, it’s likely designed to discourage hiring an external planner. In such cases, you might be a good candidate for DIY planning.
    • Most of your services would include the venue, restrooms, table/chair/tent rentals, food/bar, dĂ©cor, entertainment, set up/tear down, and day-of coordinating.
  • If you have a wedding with 30 or fewer guests held at a traditional venue (not requiring extra amenities like tents or rented bathrooms) you could probably DIY plan!
    • (On the other hand, many assume a non-traditional venue would be easier, but backyard weddings can actually be more complex than traditional venues.)
  • If you’re comfortable handling calls from vendors and guests before, on, and even after your wedding day, then DIY planning could work for you.
    • (Please still consider hiring a wedding coordinator at least 1-2 months before the event to ensure a stress-free experience even if you’re DIY planning!)
  • If you have experience or a knack for event planning, you might be able to handle your wedding planning independently. A skilled planner is akin to a proficient project manager, and some individuals naturally possess these skills!

Who Should Consider A Planner?

including vendor sourcing, creating timelines, managing projects and budgets,

  • You have a plethora of ideas and inspirations from Pinterest!
    • You’ll likely need assistance in bringing those visions to life; an experienced wedding planner can be invaluable in this instance. They have the knowledge and connections to recommend vendors who can achieve your desired look within your budget. Many of the aspirational looks you find online are not DIY projects, and a planner can guide you in realizing these ideas effectively.
  • Your wedding venue and/or timeline is complex and requires coordination with multiple outside vendors.
    • A wedding planner can streamline the process for you. They often have a network of preferred vendors across different categories and can make tailored recommendations based on your specific needs and style preferences. Even if you prefer vendors outside their recommendations, they will conduct additional research to find options that align with your vision and budget.
  • Project management and organization, vendor sourcing, creating timelines for multiple vendors, and managing budgets doesn’t come naturally to you.
    • This is especially helpful if you have a demanding job or don’t enjoy the intricacies of project management, allowing you to have peace of mind knowing that a professional is in your corner, handling it all, so nothing slips between the cracks. (And if it does, it’s their problem to solve; not yours!)

Should I Hire A Wedding Planner?

Now that you have an idea of whether you’re the kind of person who can plan their own wedding or someone who would benefit from a planner, let’s clear up two big misconceptions about planners:

Common Misconception – A wedding planner calls the shots, and I won’t get to make the decisions.

Truth: Contrary to common misconceptions, wedding planners don’t impose their way of planning on you. Instead, they guide you through the process by explaining industry standards and helping you allocate your budget wisely for a balanced wedding experience. Your planner will listen to your preferences and assist you in executing your vision. Ultimately, you have the final say in decisions that are informed by the explanations and insights provided by your planner.

Common Misconception – Wedding planners are for rich people.

Hiring a wedding planner can actually save you money in the long run, often offsetting their own cost by the savings they generate throughout the planning process. They are adept at finding the best deals, negotiating with vendors, and identifying when something is worth its cost or not. Think of them as budget ninjas in all things wedding-related, capable of getting you the best quality for the best price.

Wedding planners have extensive connections and often receive trade discounts from companies they have good relationships with. Some planners even pass these discounts directly on to you, further enhancing your cost savings. It’s crucial to consider this added value of a wedding planner when evaluating whether you can afford one.

It’s important to note that trying to cut corners or pinch pennies on your own may lead to poor quality vendors and experiences, ultimately resulting in a waste of money rather than actual savings. Wedding planners prioritize finding value and quality within your budget, ensuring that your wedding experience is both memorable and cost-effective.

I like to think of a good wedding planner as your personalized Wedding Google Concierge that you can rely on to offer solutions tailored to your unique problems and challenges. They provide customized advice and strategies, unlike generic answers found online, ensuring that your wedding planning journey is smooth and efficient.

Huge thanks to Jax from Tinted Events, Joyce from SYS Event Planning, and Jackie from Smooth Tie The Knots for their input and expertise in writing this blog!

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