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Rosie & Wyatt’s Romantic, Sugar Hill Wedding

Ah, Rosie & Wyatt’s Romantic, Sugar Hill Wedding was AMAZING!!! One of the things I really love about my job is getting to know my couples, and the coolest way to do that is when family members pull me aside during the wedding to tell me life stories.

Can I step aside for just a second and let you in on a little secret? I used to *really* dislike people. Like, I was all for living off the grid with a pack of my favorite dogs and a little garden… I’m sure I felt that way because of my childhood; when both your parents are addicts, you tend to learn that people are crazy and untrustworthy. But something I never expected my job would do is help me fall in love with humans.

This was one of those weddings where I fell in love with its humans.

Romantic Sugar Hill Wedding

Rosie and Wyatt are the sweetest. Rosie is one of TWELVE children in her family, and they are the closest siblings I think I’ve ever met. I just love how each of them encourages the other… And the age gap between the oldest and the youngest is a lot of years. Watching them all love on each other ignites a passion in my soul for families.

Y’all, families are so important. Moms and dads are so important. Marriage is so important. Do you realize?? That if every single parent found a way to fall back in love with their spouse as the years passed, how insanely incredible this world could be?

Kids would learn that relationships are built upon respect, marriage is unbreakable, and family comes first.

This family inspired me.

Wedding in Sugar Hill

Anyway!! About their romantic, Sugar Hill Wedding…

Brunch weddings at Ashton Gardens can be a tricky thing; this venue typically does 2 weddings per day on the weekends, and so timelines are tight. Rosie and Wyatt’s wedding was certainly no exception!! We spent a lot of time before their wedding talking about what mattered most to them so I could be strategic with my time there, and I’m so glad we did because the day FLEW by.

It’s interesting how Ashton Gardens is my most frequented venue, but every single wedding there is so different.

Intimate wedding in Sugar Hill

Congratulations Rosie and Wyatt!! I’ll see you two soon for your Gallery Reveal!!!!


DJ- DJ Connection
Coordinator/Planner- Jackie Raez with Smooth Tie The Knots
Coordinator Team and Venue- Ashton Gardens

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