Rainy Wedding Day Snellville Wedding Venue

September 7, 2020


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Sarah and Josh’s rainy wedding day at Vecoma at the Yellow River, a Snellville Wedding Venue was unlike ANY other. They’re married, y’all!! You will definitely remember these two!

Do you remember Erin and Jordan’s wedding at Ashton Gardens?? It was my second wedding EVER, and that’s where I met Sarah and Josh.

We hit it off. She was Erin’s Maid of Honor and we worked together all day long to make sure Erin got the wedding of her dreams. She and her boyfriend Josh were ADORABLE together, and I secretly hoped that they would get engaged JUST so I could hang out with them again and shoot their wedding.

Well, Josh was deployed shortly after Erin and Jordan’s wedding at Ashton Gardens, and so these two were– once again– long distance.

Josh flew in from his deployment in December of 2019, and I got to be there to capture it all!!!! On the way out of the airport, Josh told me he’d bought Sarah and ring and was planning to propose and I could NOT contain myself. Have you ever been told a secret that you’d been DYING to hear for MONTHS and have to keep a poker face about it???

Snellville Wedding Venue

Finally, Sarah called and booked me!!!

So not only did that mean I got to spend the day hanging with Sarah and Josh, but it also meant I got to see their family and friends again… And I don’t know about you, but having an incredible relationship with the gal behind the camera makes a wedding day so much more fun. (I love her friends so much!)

Seriously… I have the BEST job in the world. Okay… Enough about me.

We planned Sarah’s engagement session at Fernbank Museum, and it was AWESOME.

(Can you spot the familiar faces from Erin’s wedding??)

Vecoma at the Yellow River

Without further ado, Sarah and Josh’s wedding…

Do you see Erin and Jordan?? 🙂

Congratulations Sarah and Josh!!! I’m so excited for you two, and cannot WAIT to see you rock your marriage.


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