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Stone Mountain Engagement

Oh my gosh, what it took for us to get to this moment! This Stone Mountain Engagement Session could not have been more magical. Chelsea, Jake, and I first began planning their engagement session about a year ago, and have rescheduled like 4 times.


We first met last January. I remember sitting down at 1910 Public House in Lilburn, and hearing my name being called. A woman I’d photographed quite some time ago was there, and going on-and-on (so sweetly!) about how wonderful her experience was and how they (Chelsea and Jake) should totally book me! Oh my gosh, I was so happy to see her, but also a little embarrassed!! When I got home and told my husband about it, he was like, “They’re totally going to think you planted her there to talk good about you.” 😂

We wound up talking about their engagement session that night over dinner, planning up a super sweet bamboo forest and mountain top views. Later, when we heard about Van Gogh Expo, we planned (totally willing to get kicked out!!😂) to do it there! After all the plans above fell through, we settled on Stone Mountain Park.

Cue the morning of the session: Chelsea dislocated her hip and I woke up with a pretty bad cold. (Like, seriously?!)
Pffft! We decided to GO for it! And I am SO glad we did.

Stone Mountain Engagement Session

Somehow, despite it being the beginning of December, there are still little patches of fall colors on the trees. Also, the weather was GORGEOUS! Sunny, 70 degrees, and breezy!

December is surprising us with amazing weather this year!

We started at the Grist Mill, made our way to the top of the mountain, and finally, JUST barely making the last Sky Ride down, ended our session in the Winter Wonderland inside the park.


Chelsea and Jake, I am SO excited to see you at your wedding in a couple weeks!! Dude… Get ready for some EPIC Speak Easy vibes. (SO PUMPED)

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Chelsea & Jake on Top of Stone Mountain... Like whoa.




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