The Conservatory At Waterstone

December 10, 2019


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Shooting a wedding at The Conservatory at Waterstone was so different for me because there was virtually no greenery around- but it was so cool!!

I know you remember Michelle and Trevor. Their engagement session at Olde Rope Mill Park was INCREDIBLE!! I knew from the second I met them that their wedding would be even more epic.

Winter is so unpredictable in Georgia. Some days it’s close to 70 degrees, and other days it’s, like 19 or something. Not only is December unpredictable, but leading up to Michelle and Trevor’s wedding it had been raining. I was hoping and praying it would be nice!!

And it was. Though a little chilly, their wedding day was BEAUTIFUL.

Bartee (my trusty ol’ second shooter) and I started the day admiring the grounds. There’s a large Coca Cola mural to the right of The Conservatory at Waterstone, and a really cool alley way to the left. I already knew Trevor wanted pictures in front of the mural, and that we’d have a mere 15 minutes or so for bride and groom portraits, so it didn’t take us long to come up with a game plan.

When the ladies arrived, Michelle gifted them with the cutest boxes and the most useful gifts!! One of the coolest things was a custom wine cork from ReImagineBrewing on Etsy! (pic at the top of the blog)

After Michelle’s ladies got their gifts, Michelle opened hers. We were all cracking up! At this point, I had NO idea the Batman bag meant anything. I’d thought Trevor did what a lot of guys do… Grab a random bag (maybe something they’d think was funny) and throw some of her favorite surprises inside. (I’d soon find out this bag was far from random.)

(The Conservatory at Waterstone has a super cool backyard!!)

Apparently Trevor is OBSESSED with Batman. I don’t mean he likes him a lot… I mean full on obsession. Y’all… He was beside himself with these cuff links. Michelle NAILED his gift.

I truly admire Trevor, his parents, and his siblings. Trevor is so genuinely sweet. He’s got a heart of gold, and is apparently the best brother in the world. His best woman was his sister, and it was perfect. She was like one of the guys when we were all down in the basement together, but upstairs she fit in perfectly with all the girls. They all had so much fun together; it’s like they’ve been family for YEARS!

Bridal reveals are one of my FAVORITE moments of the day. What made this one extra special was that Trevor’s MOM was there!!! She was so excited to see Michelle in her wedding dress– tears were flowing down her face even before she turned around.

But if I could just pause for a moment. Although we were a bit behind schedule, Michelle (bless her for doing this) asked if we could do a first look with her daddy and her brothers.

I thought, ‘Oh yeah, sure! I’ll go get them. That’ll be fun!’

NO. It wasn’t fun. It was the sweetest, most loving moment I’ve EVER been apart of– short of bride and groom first looks.

Michelle’s brother not only picked out her dress, but BOTH of them love her more than any other brotherly love I’ve ever seen. I’m not gonna lie… It made me miss my brothers.

I can’t handle it, y’all. Yep! I cried while editing these. (Look at him in the back, just WAITING to wrap his arms around her…)

Evidently weddings can be darn near perfect. The rest of the day flowed just as beautifully as it started, really starting with the wedding ceremony, and finally ending with some drinks and dancing- just as you’d expect at the Conservatory at Waterstone. 🙂

I have to add here: These beautiful souls are Trevor’s and Michelle’s parents. If I had one prayer left in this world, it would be for my children to grow up as well adjusted and happy as their children have. I admire these four for raising such an incredible generation of people. (If you guys (John, Lisa, Jeff, and Mary) read this, thank you for being so warm and welcoming to me!! I feel like apart of your family!!)

Bubble exit at the Conservatory at Waterstone



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