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January 27, 2021


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January 27, 2021

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The Dormitory Wedding Photographer | January 23, 2021


Boutique for Bride’s Wedding Dress & Bridesmaid Dresses- Formally Yours | Bride’s Wedding Dress Designer- Essence of Australia | Designer for Bridesmaid Dresses- MoriLee | Officiant- Pastor David Slagle | Hair and Makeup Artist- Hair by Brooke | Florist- Bride’s sister and mom | Flower Dealer- Trader Joe’s | Ceremony & Reception Venue- The Dormitory | DJ- Big Events DJ | Cellist- Evan Butterworth | Cake- Bride’s Cousin, Logan | Catering- Eagles Landing | Invitations- Minted | Table decor, draping, reception lighting- The Rented Event | Second Shooter- Stephen Armstrong

Holy moly. This wedding at The Dormitory in Auburn, GA was stunning. And special, and fun, and ALL THE THINGS! This was my 42nd wedding, and it was the very first wedding I’ve ever seen where [almost] the entire wedding was a SURPRISE to the bride and groom. And it was AWESOME!

Getting ready at The Dormitory

One of the things that I love about The Dormitory is their white walls. But I also really love their lighting fixtures, and if it weren’t for my second shooter, I’d NEVER seen this angle.

Bridal Reveal

If you’ve not heard of a Bridal Reveal, I must say they are SO fun. Truly, Bridal Reveals are the simplest, quickest way to really include your bridal party. It’s a chance for you to shower them with their own surprise, and for them to feel all the feels of how special they are to you.

I’m an expert now at setting these things up, and every time it’s just AWESOME. (And don’t worry– you won’t forget!! I’ll ask you if you want to plan a bridal reveal when we’re making your Wedding Day Timeline)

Winter Wedding at The Dormitory

After I hung out with the Bride, and Stephen (my second shooter) played around with the guys, the two of us got to tour the venue and take in all the decor that Taleigh’s (our bride) mom and sister spent so much time planning. The place was like a simple, yet stunning Winter Wonderland. (And how insanely blessed we were to have a gorgeous, warm enough day without a cloud in the sky for these two to take advantage of every inch of Atlanta, warehouse-like goodness this place offers.)

Bride and Groom First Look

During A Wedding at The Dormitory

This was the part of the day where Taleigh lit up. I think, although she was really excited to finally have her Wedding Day happening, she was *really* looking forward to her First Look with Justin.

After their First Look, we took a few portraits of them, and then we took them upstairs to have a Big Wedding Reveal. This is when they both saw EVERYTHING for the FIRST TIME!! (But, the best part is what happened next…)

The Surprise

…The Veil

Taleigh didn’t know this, but her mom had been planning to give Taleigh the veil her mom wore at her wedding when her parents wed. It’s a stunning veil, and to make it even more special, her mom sewed ribbon on the veil because she knew Taleigh would love that detail.

Her face, when she realized it was her mama’s veil, is priceless. (As is her mama’s face!)

The on-lookers 🙂

(here’s a photo of her mom wearing the same veil)

The Dormitory Wedding Photographer

(Paper, biodegradable confetti!)
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