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January 5, 2021


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January 5, 2021

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Wedding Exit Ideas on How to rock your wedding exit with tips for all my favorite Send Off Props

There are a ton of wedding exit ideas for you to choose from for your wedding, and there are also specific things you can do to rock your exit!

Wedding Send Off Ideas

I’ll give you all the info on my favorite (and not-so favorite) wedding exit props so you can decide what type of wedding exit to have!

(Photographer not listed on website ( this was taken from)

Wedding Exit Idea: Streamers

(I don’t have a streamer exit in my portfolio that I love, so I included one from good ol’ Google)

If you’re having a night time exit, streamers are nearly pointless. Unless you have like, huge ribbon-dancer streamers, they’re just not big enough to be seen. They’ll look like a random distraction.

If you’re having a day time exit, streamers can be fun! Overall they’re not my first choice but here are some tips if you love them:

  1. Consider multiple strands on each wand (one ribbon just isn’t enough)
  2. Make sure your guests stand close together
  3. Vary the movement – some guests should make big arm movements, while others’ should be smaller.
  4. Tell the guests ahead of time that the closer they get right in front of the photographer’s lens, the BETTER! (So long as nobody touches the actual lens) Why? The blurry foreground creates visual interest.
  5. Stay away from bold colors. Neutral, lighter, creamy colors work well. Or maybe try foil gold or silver!


(I photographed this exit for Glen & Becky at PixelThisPhotography)

Bubbles are So Fun!!!! These are one of my favorites because they don’t make a mess AND they’re fun for both daytime and night time — indoors and outdoors.

Whether you have a lot of bubbles or a few bubbles, they’re awesome because they provide a visual element of texture that you cannot go wrong with.

Here are some tips to rock your bubble exit:

  1. Make sure your guests blow them like crazy as you start to walk down the aisle. You literally cannot have too many bubbles. (But, in my opinion, you can have too little!)
  2. Ask if your photographer will be using a backlight for the bubble exit. Bubble exits without flash are flat and boring.
  3. If you love bubbles AND you love sparklers, consider using bubbles for your first dance and sparklers for your exit!


(I photographed this exit for Glen & Becky at PixelThisPhotography)

Balloons can be fun for your Wedding Send Off!! Here are some tips for you to get the best out of balloons, if you’re into them!

  1. There’s no reason for your guests to move much with balloons like they would every other prop. In that way, they’re easier.
  2. Consider just having white balloons (or, like the streamers, neutral colors.) They’re big enough to cast unflattering colors on yours and your spouse’s skin.
  3. Consider LED lights inside your balloons for added visual interest!
  4. MAKE CERTAIN your guests don’t let them go!!! Consider how alcohol might effect some people’s decision-making; maybe investing in a weight for each balloon would be a good idea. (Get creative with weights; some can be free!) In this way, they’re more complicated.
  5. Have some folks hold them high, and some hold them low for more visual interest.
  6. As always, ask if your photographer will be using a backlight. Without one, the photo would be so boring and flat.

Wedding Send off ideas: Sparklers

Confetti!! I wanted to pop in here and throw an update on this blog because we did a fun confetti exit, and it showed up amazingly on camera!! If I could have had my way about this exit, I would have preferred we did it indoors because the lighting was *perfect* inside for confetti.

But, I don’t always get my way, and the confetti was also gorgeous outside!! If you’re planning on having a confetti exit, here are some tips:

  1. I’m pretty sure there’s no such thing as too much. And, unlike streamers, ‘too little’ would be okay, too! The paper flies up and around in the air so beautifully that a lot is fantastic and a little is okay, too.
  2. Have your guests throw the confetti UPWARD, not at you.
  3. If your photographer is skilled with off camera flash, they can use that to accentuate the confetti! Also, appointing a guest to throw some confetti close to the lens can add visual variety in your images, though not every photographer would be okay with that.

Wedding Send off ideas: Sparklers

Woohoo!!! Much like bubbles, sparklers for your wedding send-off are a favorite of mine!

They’re bright, they’re fun, they’re sparkly, they’re textured… They align all my chakras in just the right ways. Here are some tips for sparklers!

  1. Dude. Invest in wedding sparklers. Please don’t buy Fourth of July Sparklers… You won’t even have time to walk halfway down the send off line unless you invest in wedding sparklers.
  2. Buy extras! Your photographer can have some fun with you and your wedding party either before or after your send off and you’ll wind up with some super rad pictures.
  3. Your guests should grab a sparkler and line up on either side of wherever you’ll walk. Everyone should know ahead of time that instructions will be given and NO ONE should light their own sparkler.
  4. Guests should be told to hold their sparklers high enough so as to not catch anyone’s hair (or your dress) on fire. (Or your photographer)
  5. The photos look the best when folks are close together; use common sense here.
  6. Educate a 3-4 chosen people ahead of time on how to light the sparklers.
    1. Once guests are lined up and ready, have 2 of your chosen people at opposite ends of the row of guests (one at the beginning of the line and one at the end) and one chosen person in the middle of the line. They’ll light sparklers and instruct guests to use their lit sparklers to light the folks’ beside them. Very soon the entire fleet of sparklers will be lit.
  7. Woot woot!! Have fun enjoying your wedding exit ideas: 3 minutes of glorious sparkler time as you and your spouse walk through the send off line.

I hope these pictures and list of suggestions were helpful to you!! Remember: you get huge bonus points with your photographer and guests if you add fireworks to your exit!!!! (OBSESSED!)

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