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Oh, Baby H…

Lawrenceville, Georgia Newborn Photographer

So it was about 10 pm or so when Emily texted me that she was in labor and progressing quickly. I was hanging out with my husband at the end of a long day (look, I’m homeschooling my middle schooler and Montessori’ing my toddler… I’m tired!)

I was stoked!! So stoked, in fact, that I offered her a birth session on the spot! (hahaha!) It was way too late, and she was progressing quickly, so… Maybe Nicholas’ baby sister is interested. 😉

A few days after Harper was born, Emily, Chris, and Big Brother Rylan welcomed me into their home for an intimate newborn session. I think Rylan has never been so in awe before… He is absolutely smitten with his baby sister. This little girl is loved.



Oh, how he cradles her. (My heart!)


While Harper’s room was warming up, I was doing my best to set up everything as best I knew how. It’s been years since I’ve attempted this, and newborn babies are kind of difficult to photograph! As it turns out, Baby H is one of the sleepiest, most snuggly babies I’ve ever played with. I’ve always been a sucker for details, and newborn eyelashes, cow licks, and toes are no exception.



After playing with Baby H for most of the day, I was forced to hand her over for her Baptism… She did great! I got to stick around for a few extra photos before I headed home, back to my own family. 🙂



Oh, Baby Harper. I love you. Thank you for your sleepiness, and your snuggles. (Emily- thank you for trusting me with your precious baby, and a special thank you for making an extra trip to my house so I could get some more shots!)

I may be a wedding photographer, but I adore babies. Here are some more of my personal favorites. Enjoy. 🙂

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After a gorgeous session at Montalucé Winery, we headed to DAVE AND BUSTERS(!) for dinner and more fun shots.


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