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Atlanta Photographer – Maternity

Atlanta Photographer – Michelle and Trevor Maternity Session | September 19, 2020 | Cascade Springs Nature Preserve

In case you missed it, I recently went on vacation to Panama City Beach and Hurricane Sally graced us with her presence the entire time we were there. Our sliding glass door was hard to open because of the pressure from the storm and once when I was wrestling with the door, it finally gave way and ran my foot over. 3 days before this session… Soooo, I took some Ibuprofen and Michelle, Trevor, and I hit the woods for this awesome hike. (Thank goodness for Trevor; he happily helped carry everything!!!)

Atlanta Photographer

Thank goodness for Ibuprofen, because we had so much fun galavanting around the park in Atlanta for Michelle and Trevor’s maternity session. Although I’ve hiked in gorgeous locations inside Atlanta before, I’ve never been to Cascade Springs Nature Preserve, and what a treat it was!!

Atlanta Maternity Session

I’m positive you remember Michelle and Trevor! These two are among my OG Crew– some of the very first ever couples to hire me– and have been there with me from virtually the beginning. How stinking cool it is to be apart of their engagement, wedding, and now this incredible season they’re in as they prepare to welcome Baby Grayson.

What I love most about these two is their humor. I seem to get the funny couples, and I’m not mad. Trevor had Michelle giggling throughout their whole session, and– oh my gosh I almost forgot!!

Maternity Session at Cascade Springs Nature Preserve

Toward the end of our hike, at the waterfall, Trevor mentioned someone had left lit candles in front of the falls and so we were pretty excited! (Free props!)

Atlanta Photographer

However, upon closer inspection, it appeared instead that some kind of strange offering had taken place. There was a collection of what I hope was random items, all surrounding a candle. I think the weirdest things were the burnt wad of something, which I will keep unnamed, the random bottle of honey, and the $5 placed ever so carefully amongst the fruit and opened bottle of champagne.

Trevor gratefully accepted his $5 tip, and carefully removed the odd objects…

We had a blast!! And although these two live in Florida, I’m holding onto the fact that they have family here in Georgia so that there’s hope I’ll get to meet Sweet Baby Grayson when he makes his appearance.

What an honor it is to watch these two start their family. (I’m not crying.)

Love you, Michelle and Trevor!! I cannot wait for you to update me on all the things Grayson!!!

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