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Early Morning Wedding at Ashton Gardens

This early morning wedding at Ashton Gardens was *the sweetest*! I have been waiting on Caroline and Caleb’s wedding since May 20th, last year. Oh my gosh, from the second we connected, I knew these two would be incredible. We FaceTimed after she reached out about her wedding, and BAM! Instant connection– I went into full prayers: please-God-let-this-sweet-couple-hire-me!!!! ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ™ˆ

When we met for their engagement session, we wound up talking so long at the coffee shop that we had to force our conversation to a close so we would have enough sunlight to photograph!! It wound up raining throughout nearly the entire session, but it was glorious and we had a blast together. (Rain never stops us over here, anyway!)

(… In fact, we kind of love rain…)

Anyway, I digress…

Early Morning Wedding

When we first arrived at Caroline and Caleb’s wedding, Caroline’s sweet mama ran up to me and introduced herself like we were long lost friends.

(Is this blog going to be full of off-topic conversations?? I have another random thought!!) Photographing weddings has given me a unique look into the most intimate relationships between complete strangers (who, more often than not, become friends…)

And I’ve noticed something…

God is so good.

Magic happens in a family when people learn how to love God, trust God, and let God do his thing.

Because life is full of opportunities to become engulfed in negative emotions and worries, which means it’s also full of opportunities to rust God.

Maybe this is a bit clichรฉ, or cheesy-sounding, but there’s magic around us. All around us.

Bridal Reveal – Bridesmaids

And it’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day, and become blind to the absolute beauty of life.

And it’s the families who pray and lean into God, trusting him when things get hard and honoring him when things go well, who thrive.

It’s such an honor to be apart of these memories with folks who would have otherwise been strangers…

That was a long digress…

Bridal Reveal – Father of the Bride

One upon a time, Caleb bought Caroline this dinosaur costume for Halloween once (which is Caroline’s absolute favorite holiday) and it’s been kind of a staple in their relationship. My understanding is it pops out of nowhere in the most unexpected of times, and is their running joke.

That Time We Had A Blow Up Dinosaur Before the First Look

So why not bring it to their First Look?? ๐Ÿ˜‚


The First Look

Early Morning Ceremony at Ashton Gardens

Bride and Groom Portraits – An Early Morning Wedding

Reception, After An Early Morning Wedding

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