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Roswell Mill Club Photographer

January 9, 2021

Roswell Mill Club Photographer with Hannah and Adam

I don’t even have words for this huge blank paper before me!!! Hannah and Adam’s engagement session at Vickery Creek Falls near Roswell Mill Club was, a) COLD, and B) incredible!!!!!

I first met Hannah and Adam at Briana (Hannah’s BFF) and Jarod’s wedding, way back in the day. Hannah and Adam stayed on the dance floor LITERALLY all night long, and I was obsessed with their moves. Hannah’s dad was DJ’ing the wedding, and I remember telling him, “You’d BETTER call me when these two get engaged.”

So……. Hannah caught the bouquet at that wedding, and Look Who’s Here!!!!!!!

Roswell Mill Club – Vickery Creek Winter Engagement

We had so much fun at this engagement session, despite the frigid temps. You wouldn’t know it, since these two are troopers, but Adam’s hands were literally PURPLE. Hannah was shivering (as was Adam), and my fingers were nearing the stage of completely numb. 🤪
(Am I the only one with Raynaud’s disease?!)

Roswell Mill Club Photographer

Anyway– despite the temps, these two decided to toss cares aside, pop some bottles, and brave the waterfall. I’m almost surprised the liquid didn’t immediately freeze upon hitting the air. 😂
Listen. It was COLD!!!!

After we cleaned up our mess from poppin’ bottles, we hiked over to the end of the property to check out the waterfall.

If you haven’t been here before, the descend down is like a 90 degree climb. Hannah did this in heels, with numb toes, and creatively complained about being hot. I tried to soak in every word they were saying because the mind games they were playing actually worked!!

While I set up my lights, these two huddled together with my hand warmer, took pictures of me for the ‘gram (thanks, guys!!!) and jammed out to some Jesus tunes.

Vickery Creek Falls – Winter Engagement Session

Although it was about 30 degrees, and although that mist was absolutely frigid, Hannah and Adam danced. I admire them so.

I’m SO excited for your wedding in Michigan later this year, and cannot wait to see everyone again!!!

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