The Factory At Walton Mill Wedding

December 30, 2020


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This Factory At Walton Mill Wedding WAS A DREAM!!! Liz and Corey first met in high school and they grew up together as high school sweethearts. Sometimes they even snuck out of their parents’ houses in the middle of the night (lol!)! Their story is magical… Despite going through some incredibly difficult times together (including Liz’s mom passing away), these two haven’t always been perfect but they’ve always been best friends. I remember Liz telling me that, no matter the state of their ‘Official’ relationship status, she always knew that she could *count* on Corey. She said she knew he would *always* drop anything at all to be there for her. And Corey said the exact thing about Liz.

(In case you missed their engagement session in downtown Atlanta!!)

When Liz was studying abroad, Corey traveled to pop the question, and this is the story of their wedding day.

Getting Ready at The Factory at Walton Mill

While Liz started the day with her girls, getting hair and makeup done — catching up with her stepmom and admiring all her details, the guys goofed around with my second shooter. He egged them on to play Nintendo Switch while they took (only one or so) shots, and did goodness only knows what else…

Eventually I poked my head in to tell them to get dressed. At least they’re good listeners. 🙂

P.S. I’ve never seen Corey so nervous. (melts my heart!!!!!) In case you missed it, I first met Corey at his mom’s wedding last year, which was a BLAST!!!!! Corey was so sweet; helping me tote my massive cases upstairs into the venue… We bonded that night!

Factory At Walton Mill Wedding

As Corey played around with Stephen, my second shooter, Liz’s stepmom and I were oo’ing and aah’ing over Liz in her dress!! One of my favorite parts of the wedding day is when the bride has a bridal reveal with her girls. The reactions are always so unique — priceless!!

Bridal Reveal at The Factory at Walton Mill – Bridesmaids

After Liz’s bridal reveal with her girls, everyone quietly stepped out while Liz’s dad came in for a private, and very special moment, with his little girl.

The Daddy/Daughter Bridal Reveal.

Bridal Reveal at The Factory at Walton Mill – Daddy

Factory at Walton Mill Wedding

To top off the already incredibly emotional moment, Liz gave her daddy customized cuff links that had a photo of him and Liz when she was little on one of them. And on the other was the quote, “I’ll always be your little girl.”

Yep. I cried.

While Liz and her daddy spent some quiet time together, Stephen and I went to find Corey and prepare him for his First Look with Liz. He was *so* nervous, and *so* ready to wrap his arms around his bride… Both of them were like giggling school children. So excited to see each other and *finally* spend some private time together!!!

Bride and Groom – First Look at The Factory at Walton Mill

It sure is amazing how instantly they calmed down and melted into each other. The two of them are so precious.

Bride and Groom Portraits at The Factory at Walton Mill

I think my favorite thing about Liz’s dress is how it floofs out so flawlessly when she spins!! The dress compliments her perfectly, making her look like a princess.

Once Liz and Corey were ready, we called the wedding party down for some fun. I honestly could have played with this crew All Day Long… Well, now that I think about it, that’s kind of what we did…

Wedding Party Portraits

Usually, I get home from weddings with about 1/3-1/2 of the gallery full of guests breaking it down on the dance floor.

Guess how many images on my memory card were of guests on the dance floor?? (really. take a guess.)


(That’s NEVER happened before.)

After Liz’s and Corey’s ceremony, we literally played All Night Long. They took portraits, ate good food, took more portraits, enjoyed their friends and family, took more portraits… I felt like Stephen and I hogged them all night long!!!! But Liz kept saying that was her dream wedding day. Not worry about anything — no dancing — and walk away with as many portraits as possible.

The Factory at Walton Mill Reception

So that’s what we did. 🙂

After a super long day of everyone hanging out and celebrating Liz and Corey, the guests grabbed sparklers to send the two off into the night and onto their honeymoon.

Sparkler Exit

What a fun wedding.

Congratulations, Liz and Corey!!! I cannot WAIT until your gallery reveal!

Bride’s Wedding DressGalina Signature from @davidsbridal
Bride’s rings @zalesjewelers
Groom’s ringAXBands on Etsy
Caterer (HOLY MOLY those Donuts, Y’all!!!!!!!!!)@nedzaeats
CoordinatorThat Special Day Wedding Director/Planner (on Facebook)
DJDavey- @mysticalrev
CakeDesserts by Xtina (on Facebook)
Hair ArtistScottlyn James- @alldolledupdo
Makeup ArtistAshley Baker- @maybake_
Bridesmaid Dresses@lulus

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