Jessica and Charles

June 19, 2018


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Capturing Charles’ and Jessica’s wedding reception at Vecoma at the Yellow River was such an incredible opportunity! Not only was this my first event as the main photographer, but my wedding was at Vecoma, which brought back such wonderful memories.

Jessica was simply beautiful in her dress, and her love for her family members and guests was absolutely contagious!! 

So Vecoma sits on the Yellow River, and although it’s a bit of a hike to get down to the river rocks, Jessica and Charles ROCKED it!! It had been raining earlier, which meant for extra yellow water and a lot of opportunities to slip on our well known Georgia mud. It also made for some hot, sticky air, but they were great sports!!

After our river fun, we hiked back up to the beautiful deck to get some family photos before retreating inside with the much needed air conditioner. Jessica told me at our meeting early on as we were planning her wedding photos that KG, one of her childhood friends, was coming to the reception party and his arrival would be a surprise to her mom. My second shooter and I schemed with the DJ so that we were sure to catch the emotions on Jessica’s mom’s face. (Y’all… It was SO FUN capturing this surprise!!) KG busted through the doors, suitcase in tow, and gave mom a huge hug. Everyone was stoked to see him.

After some yummy dinner, fun games, (seriously never a dull moment with Davey!!) and serious dance moves, we all got to watch Jessica and Charles pinky swear they wouldn’t smash icing on each other’s faces during the cake cutting… The photos tell a different story!! And omg, y’all… The cupcakes from Ready, Set, Cakes! were absolutely delicious!!!

Just before departing, the guests grabbed some bubbles and ran outside for one of my favorite group photo opportunities at Vecoma. Despite the hot, humid summer air and the bright mid-day sun, everyone had a blast out there posing with the bubbles. 

Jessica and Charles, thank you so much for trusting me to photograph one of your life’s most cherished and special memories. I cannot wait for our next session!!




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