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Josh’s Military Homecoming | Hartsfield Jackson Airport

Hartsfield Jackson Military Homecoming

I have SO many things to say about this, but I don’t want to bore you- and I’m not sure it’s okay to be vulnerable here… But I really value honesty and *real* people. So here it goes…

Some mornings we lay in our beds scrolling mindlessly through Facebook or Instagram, just waiting on something to snag our attention. Then we click… And, again, mindlessly scroll. Sometimes we’ll share something we clicked on. Sometimes we don’t.

Rinse. And repeat.

Then we get up, with whatever mindlessness is in our heads at the time, shower, and get ready for the day. And as we go about our day, we focus heavily on what’s in front of us. Our morning tasks. Expectations at work. Duties waiting for us at home. Life, no matter how wonderful it is, can be mundane. It can be stressful. And it can be downright hard.

And days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months. (We all know the drill…) It’s not hard to focus on ourselves and our own needs.

But we don’t realize the burdens that others around us are carrying. We don’t really dig into what’s going on in other people’s lives. We don’t really like initiating uncomfortable conversations. And our society doesn’t much foster community. We learn that once we’re a certain age, our struggles aren’t anyone else’s but ours. We learn not to burden others with our feelings. Or needs. (no matter how small or big they are)

We all know our great country has people- men and women- who defend and serve to keep it great… They fight for our freedom… Risking their safety, their relationships, and sometimes their peace of mind… We know about them, and we respect them and thank them for their service.

And we have people at the other end of service, who are home. They’re moms raising babies by themselves. Wives living, and sleeping in an empty house every day. Girlfriends wondering if what they’re getting into is worth it. Husbands desperately wondering if their wives will be coming home safe. “normal”.

I wish our community, and society as a whole, had more of a hunger to support each other. Really, wholly, SUPPORT each other- so that when someone is struggling, they feel readily able to reach out. And I wish reaching out didn’t feel like weakness, but instead signaled true strength.

(Disclaimer: Sarah definitely didn’t give a vibe that she’s struggling, but I couldn’t help but wonder how I would feel as a military wife…)

I wish it was normal to reach out for little things. And I wish it was normal for someone on the outside to impose a little with love.

I’m not sure exactly how I can help, but I know that loving people is a start.

If I could be a little honest: I’m human, and it’s not that I have favorite people, but I certainly connect hard with some of my clients and their friends!! I LOVE my job… Like 100% entirely love every bit of what I do. But there are some days I look forward to massively, and this was one of them.

I first met Sarah and Josh at Erin and Jordan’s wedding (which was my second wedding ever!), and I INSTANTLY fell in love with them. Sarah has been to like a million weddings (not kidding), and so she ROCKED at her role as Erin’s Maid of Honor. She was fun, kept Erin happy, and just overall made the day what it was. She has a heart of gold.

(yeah, not planned… But if the Grinch were to come to ANY homecoming, it would be Josh’s!)

Well, shortly after Erin’s wedding, Josh left for Afghanistan. And after 6 long months of him being gone, Sarah was beyond words to have him home.

I’m SO glad he’s home.

(I hope my rambling in this blog wasn’t ridiculously annoying!)

Josh, welcome home my brother.

I hope you enjoy your Enchiladas tonight– And Sarah, I hope you’re wrapping your arms around Josh’s neck every moment you get the urge!! Do it so much that it’s weird!!!

I ADORE you both so much, and cannot WAIT to see you two again. I’m so honored you reached out to me for this moment. Thank you. (And thank you for my Starbucks drink!!) Maybe I’ll see you in November!!!


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