Briana and Jarod | North Georgia Mountains Engagement at Preacher’s Rock

July 7, 2019


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Briana and Jarod | North Georgia Engagement Session

Downtown Dahlonega Engagement

Briana and Jarod celebrated their upcoming wedding yesterday with an engagement session in the North Georgia Mountains!! Briana and Jarod are two hard-working, and really special people. These two met at Wright State University. After hanging out at church events and karaoke, Jarod asked Briana on an official date, and the rest is history.

We first met up in Downtown Dahlonega at the delicious Picnic Café & Dessertery for some (beloved) coffee and snacks. Briana and I chatted about wedding plans, and I learned a whole lot about Catholic wedding ceremonies. I’m pretty excited to capture this, as it’ll be the first Catholic wedding I’ve photographed and I love the symbolism behind their events.

After chatting wedding plans, I got my cameras out (which is obnoxious… Two cameras hanging from my hips in a coffee shop isn’t quite inconspicuous.) and someone walked up to ask what the scene was about. Briana replied that the two of them are very famous, and so naturally they have a photographer following them around– everywhere they go. (She’s much wittier than I) The man looked super pleased to have run into these two, and introduced himself.

Recognize him?

Sam Norton!

After hanging out with the Mayor of Dahlonega, we headed outside for some quick shots before driving up to Preachers Rock.

Don’t you LOVE her hair?!

Once we got some quick shots in Downtown Dahlonega, we raced to our cars and headed to the North Georgia Mountains.

But… Pause.

Let me just take a moment to be honest with you. I’m somewhere on the bridge that sits ever so delicately between the whipper snapper and the old woman. So I took note of this and started working out with a personal trainer about a month ago. Basically, once a week (every Wednesday morning is when we work out) I die. This woman trains military folks… Believe me. It’s painful.

My point is– I’M OLD. And I’m out of shape. And I know it. (just being honest)

THESE TWO AREN’T OLD. And they’re not out of shape.

While Jarod and Briana (literally) hopped up the rocks along the Appalachian Trail, I huffed and puffed over the giant boulders– praying the top was near.

I made it. But it was embarrassing.

Then there’s these two…

Yeah. They’re amazing. It’s pretty epic.

Preachers Rock Engagement

And the VIEW!!!!

We were about 40 minutes behind schedule, so the sun was setting behind us quickly. I basically stood back while these two played on the mountain, and ever so often asked them to hold their moment.

Our last shot was taken at 9:15, and I had no flash with me. (Yeah!! It was DARK!) But we did our best to rock and roll with the light we had; the view was incredible and it was a blast.

I’m so excited for their wedding in September. I cannot believe it’s almost here!!

To Briana and Jarod– thank you for choosing me as your photographer. I really enjoyed getting to know you two through our hike up and down the mountain. Y’all are awesome people.



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