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Wedding at Sweetwater Brewery

How cool is it that we have this delicious Brewery right here in Atlanta!! Meaghan and Eric’s wedding at Sweetwater Brewery was the speediest Catholic wedding I have *ever* seen!

After a few shots in their hotel, we started the day at Cathedral of Christ the King, and the weather was PERFECTION. It’s so funny, because it’s been in the mid 80s all year, until the day of Meaghan’s wedding. I think the high was 70?? It was breezy, and sooooo nice.

There’s something about the Catholic bunch that make them a special kind of people. Some years ago I first photographed my first Catholic wedding, and it was one of the most fun experiences ever. And it feels like such a similar experience every time!! I’m not sure if I’m getting lucky, or what, my every one of my Catholic brides wind up being some of my favorite humans on this planet.

And their families!! They’re the sweetest!! GAH! Maybe I’m just becoming biased.

Anyway, we somehow managed to squeeze Meaghan and Eric’s wedding into an 8-hour period of coverage time (and we went to three different places throughout the day!!) I’m still not sure how we pulled it off, but it was perfection.

Getting Ready for a Wedding at Sweetwater Brewery

(Don’t worry my Catholic friends, it’s just coffee. 😜)

Ceremony at Cathedral of Christ the King in Atlanta

Reception at a Wedding at Sweetwater Brewery

The rooftop of this building is so cool!!

Wedding at Sweetwater Brewery

Fun fact: Meaghan and Eric built these wooden Candle Boxes here that we’re shooting through!!

Congratulations, Meaghan and Eric!!! I am so excited to see you for your gallery reveal in a couple weeks!

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