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Atlanta Engagement Photographer, November 28, 2020

This engagement session at Piedmont Park was FIRE!!! My favorite time of day to shoot at Piedmont Park is sunrise because the skyline looks incredible without a whole lot of flash equipment- and the park is less busy.

Krystal and Casey are super fun!! These two met me at the crack of dawn for their engagement session, and showed up looking AMAZING! We spent the entire morning chatting over coffee, stopping every once in a while to pose and play. Krystal knew exactly what photos she wanted, and so we had a solid plan as we strategically walked around the park. (I love it!!!)

Piedmont Park – Atlanta Engagement Photographer

Sometimes getting in front of the camera can be intimidating. And at first I thought their height difference would be tricky for me, but it was a breeze!! Since these two basically model on the side (not really, but this definitely wasn’t their first time in front of a camera!!), they’re pros at relaxing and having fun, and trusting my eye.

Piedmont Park Engagement Session

Atlanta Skyline – Atlanta Engagement Photographer

The gazebo in the middle of the park is STUNNING for pictures!! The beautiful white columns and position of the morning sun makes it perfect for romance. Krystal didn’t take much coaching to sit back and relax while the two of them enjoyed the scenery.

Although Piedmont Park is a super frequently visited location, I love it. Atlanta has a unique charm, and Piedmont Park encompasses it perfectly.

Until next time!!

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