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Krystal & Casey’s Wedding at the Conservatory at Waterstone

A simple and gorgeous wedding at The Conservatory at Waterstone in Acworth, Georgia.

This venue gave me all the feels because I shot one of my very first weddings there almost two years ago. Everything is so different than how I remembered it.

Krystal and Casey’s wedding was way different than what I’d expected! You know… I meet couples during their engagement session and my brain automatically comes up with ideas and predictions.

I was wayyyyy off this time!

For some reason I thought Krystal’s crowd would be huge, the dance floor would be flooded, and the party would go all night. But it was so different.
Their wedding day started off calm and quiet. Later on, a few guests jumped on the dance floor and the reception hall was intimate, fun, and sexy. Everything winded down at the perfect time; the whole night was seamless.

Getting Ready at The Conservatory at Waterstone

We started the day in the gal’s Getting Ready Suite. It’s a cute little room off the place I like to call the catwalk. The girls were inside, quietly getting ready for the day. Little giggles here and there, but all in all- it was *quiet*!

We decided we needed to liven up the party a little, so Krystal grabbed her gals and we all headed outside with some champagne. I forgot to mention to Krystal exactly how to hold her thumbs over the bottle; before I knew it- everyone was COVERED (head-to-toe) in champagne.

As the champagne rained down on my camera (& my head, face, and body), I see my second shooter go in for some close-ups. I knew he was getting drenched!! People started coming out of the nearby businesses because we got so loud. 😂

When we got back inside, the girls kept the music going and the excitement started!!

The First Look

In a short time, Krystal and Casey headed downstairs (slightly behind schedule… Ahem, fun is important!) for their First Look.

I tell ya… Pausing the day, and setting time aside for the bride and groom to come together, is necessary. Traditionally, without the First Look, wedding days are rushed and almost always feel like a ‘blur’.

This time alone really gives the day some pause, and allows the couple to focus on each other.

Krystal and Casey’s wedding at The Conservatory at Waterstone…

Krystal and Casey have this unique ability to completely ignore us. During their First Look, they just stepped into their own little world and the rest of us were blurred out.

It was awesome.

We grabbed a few portraits, then wrapped a big blanket around the bride to sneak her back inside without being seen!

I was also awesome. 🤪

The Ceremony at The Conservatory at Waterstone

After the ceremony, we hung out a bit with the wedding party, then headed inside for the Reception Grand Entrance!

Intimate Wedding at The Conservatory at Waterstone


It was such an honor to be apart of Krystal and Casey’s wedding at The Conservatory at Waterstone. I seriously loved every second of the day, and am full of so much gratitude!! Thank you, for bringing me back– Krystal, if you’re reading this, you better call me in the next few months or so!!! 😜

Love you guys!!



Bride’s Dress Designer: Kitty Chencouture

Dress Boutique: Bridals By Madison

Hair & Makeup: The Hair Bar Woodstock

Venue: Conservatory at Waterstone

Videographer: Rivet Events

Cake: Confection Perfection Cakes

Invitations: Rocheal Photography

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